Homeland Season 2 DVD Box Set

The Homeland Season 2 DVD Box Set is created together by the producer Howard Gordon of “24”and Alex Gansa. Chip Johannessen, the former functioning person of “Dexter” Drama, has signed a contract with Showtime television drama of “Homeland Security “. Meanwhile, he works as a screenwriter and co-producer. The players in this drama are all of fame including starring Damian Lewis of “Band of Brothers “, Emmy winner Claire Danes, “Criminal Minds” former boss Mandy Patinkin, “V Star invasion” drama queen Morena Baccarin and British actor David Harewood.

Homeland Season 2 is adapted according to Israeli drama “Prisoners of War”, which revolves around eight years of captivity of U.S. Navy Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis ornaments) in Iraq. When the U.S. military launched attacks against enemy base, they accidentally discovered Nicholas and rescued him. Nicholas returned his Hometown as a hero. His wife, Jessica (Morena Baccarin ornaments), and two kids are all feel happy to reunite with him .But the torture of eight-year career in the wounds of war crimes still did not die. At the same time, the CIA female agent Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes ornaments) gets some evidences that Brody has mastered the apostasy and rendered a service for al-Qaeda. He was thought to plan to launch terrorist attacks in the United States. So she jointly investigate together with experienced supervisor and mentor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin ornaments) but also have to fight with the conceit Deputy Director David Estes (David Harewood ornaments)

Aired in the first quarter after two weeks, SHO announced the renewal of second quarter of Homeland DVD Box Set.
A lot of foreshadowing was planted at the end of the story in the last quarter, such as the heroine Carrie Matheson (Claire Denise plays). She went to have a shock treatment to eradicate bipolar disorder, but this will erase short-term memory, then whether she would remember her work and mission content or not. Trailer uses the title phrase “mystery revealed soon” to respond to the expectations of these drama fans.
We just wait and see. I am sure a good drama will not disappoint anyone